Before COVID-19 coronavirus, I don’t think I’d ever said, ‘self isolation self care’, or ‘flatten the curve’. Look at me now! … 

While we’re all trying to stay safe, contribute to the health of our community and find some hand sanitizer online, our lives have been completely turned upside down.So, while you’re bunkering down at home and social-distancing, self-isolating or quarantining, why not take the time to give yourself some extra self-care? Not only is self-care a great way to keep anxiety at bay, but you’ll also ensure that you remain fit and healthy whilst laying low.

Here’s some ideas to get you started; 

Find a local business that delivers something that will make you smile. 

For me, I found a couple in Manly who after losing their gigs, decided to share with lucky locals, their famous empanada recipe. I’ll take a dozen. (Please send me a DM if you’d like the mobile number). The Hold are delivering cocktails, shaken or stirred at your front door if you live in Manly!  

Have a long bath or shower.

We have plenty to do, for the lucky ones there’s still a tonne of emails to get through. But we don’t have the travel time, or the coffee breaks, we have more time than ever. Now, you’re not racing to the B-Line make sure your morning ritual is a little more indulgent. A long bath instead of a quick and cold shower perhaps? 

Move your body

Working out at home doesn’t have to be boring. Some killer brands are releasing free trials, Chris Hemsworth’s Circl fitness app has a 6 week free trial, the Sweat App is now free for 2 weeks and YouTube is bursting with yoga. Or if you’re able to, plenty of local businesses are moving their classes online like The Gym Factory in Warriewood. 

Journal About It

Now, it is the perfect time for journaling. It’s easy to get distracted and avoidant and fill the pages of your journal with what you did that day. It becomes more of a calendar, than a journal. Without those distractions you can really notice who you are and how you feel. 

A gratitude journal is an amazing way to find some peace and light in the difficult days. As is a regular journal, by writing about how you actually feel about you, other people, a true reflection of where you are right now. 

Connect Online | FaceTime + Zoom 

Reach out to those you love and integrate them into your day. In the year BC (Before Coronavirus), we often didn’t have as much time for friends. It had to be a bigger deal. You needed to organise it, cancel it, reorganise it, drive or go somewhere, and because you hadn’t seen them in a while, it often was a long event. A couple of hours to connect with someone. 

This morning I FaceTimed a girlfriend amongst the morning chaos in the kitchen and had a quick coffee chat. It was a 10 minute connection without all the palaver. We didn’t need a date, or a location, there was no pressure to really spend a long time together. But it was a connection that stayed with me for the day. 

What’s your self isolation self care?