Who has time for self-care? What even is it?

Let’s be real.

Sometimes we don’t have time, or can’t be bothered to do the ‘proper’ self care that the internet suggests. Whilst, the idea of a gentle meditation at the beach looks good on instagram it isn’t possible for most of us.

For me, I’m wrangling two under two. So, sand in my face while pulling one of them out of the surf isn’t relaxing, and then meditating while Im there? Impossible.

I believe self care is just mindfully doing something nice, for you. Whatever that may be.

I’ve compiled a list of super easy ways you can be kind to yourself without having to go to a day spa. Now, do any of these make your heart sing?

# Book the kids into the creche at the gym, and browse Instagram while walking speed 5 on the treadmill.

# Starting a yoga class in child’s pose, and staying there for the hour

# Hiding in the laundry, and eat a chocolate

# Taking a wine to bathtime

# Getting your groceries delivered

# Giving everyone toast for dinner

# Getting a blowdry at the hairdressers when you haven’t washed your hair this week (maybe even last week too)

# Having an early night, and then watching Netflix till 1am

# Not wearing shoes

# Having a big stretch

# Putting fresh sheets on the bed

# Unfriend / unfollow anyone on socials that gives you the eye-rolls

# Say no to someone that isn’t your toddler

# Order home delivery, for lunch

What would you add to your real life self-care list? …