Providing individual counselling for women, Amanda believes counselling is an essential ingredient to living your best life. She is a qualified counsellor, registered with the Australian Counselling Association. Amanda is a 35 year old, Northern Beaches local. She has two young boys and drinks too much coffee. Her history has been peppered with counselling and working with trauma amongst over a decade in media. She worked with some major companies including Universal Music, Paramount Home Entertainment and Nova 969. While she was working with the biggest artists in the world, she spent most Friday nights with the Salvation Army on their street outreach, counselling and having a warm coffee with Sydney’s homeless. She was then a small business owner of a PR company, named Innovator of the Year by Flying Solo in 2016, and in the Top 50 Small Business Owners in 2017 by Inside Small Business Magazine. On the side she started working on her counselling qualifications and coaching other small business owners. Amanda has supported young people as a carer in residential houses, a mentor for at risk youth with Musicians Making A Difference, and a foster sister to to many.  Her passion is supporting women experiencing life transitions, and those that need to be heard. Her focus is now on you, and your wellness. Click to book your first free session now. 



Tanya believes finding real health and happiness is possible for everyone. Working through her own life challenges has given her the passion to help others achieve their own personal goals and dreams.

Over the years, Tanya has battled many challenges which started when she was adopted at the young age of two. Growing up she suffered abuse and chronic health issues including, depression, digestive & hormonal disorders, migraines, chronic fatigue & fibromyalgia.  This life experience has given Tanya a very compassionate approach to healing, and a first-hand understanding of what it’s like to work through things.

Combining these skills with her hands on healing, Tanya is able to help put people at ease, empowering them to release the fundamental energy blocks and emotional patterns that often lie beneath a physical symptom.

Created for your individual needs, her 90 minute healing session includes kinesiology, kinergetics, reiki, cranio sacral, crystals and energetic healing.
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Vara Glover has over 14 years experience leading, coaching, developing and managing people to be the best they can be. She’s an expert in improving your personal success, allowing you to be the best you can be. Vara also specialises in overcoming phobias, fears, and anxiety

After studying communication at university and extensive global travel Vara entered the Travel & Tourism sector where she had great success in delivering business growth.  She believes that the mindset of the people in her team/s and indeed her own mindset was the major factor in achieving great results. 

Vara’s interest in mindset and the “power” of the mind lead her to enrol to study at The Institute of Applied Psychology. 

With her passion for travel and business Vara has made it her mission to help people discover a different way of thinking which serves them well through strategic hypnotherapy and psychotherapy. 

Vara has had great success helping people discover how to unite their conscious (logical mind) with their subconscious (emotional mind.) 

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Debbie is a qualified ATMS registered Naturopath also offering relaxing therapeutic massage using organic essential oils. 

Naturopathy helps to improve health by looking at a person as a whole and incorporating diet and life style changes, herbal medicine and nutritional supplementation.

She is passionate about health and wellness of women approaching middle age and beyond. As a Mother of three young adults, Debbie is also concerned about the health and well-being of teenagers and those in their early twenties.  She believes that small changes to diet and lifestyle can make huge changes to health, when built upon these become lifetime habits.  The addition of targeted supplements and herbal medicine and Aromatherapy massage can be very powerful.

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