Ditch Anxiety and Dial Into Your Worth

A new online program helping women create their self-worth

Did you know that 85% of people struggle with self-worth?

It’s not a great feeling, being in that 85%. But guess what? You actually don’t have to be. After years in the counselling trenches and untangling many a mind, I’ve got some techniques and training up my sleeve that can help demystify those yuck feelings whirling around in your skull.

You only get one brain. (Obviously. We aren’t that medically advanced yet!)
So let’s polish her up and get her working her best, so you can get on with doing the stuff you want to do.



Self Worth 


So many of us grow up with anxiety thinking it’s a normal part of life. We can even believe we deserve it. But, the truth is, it’s really a sneaky brain-weasel that is stopping you from living the joyous and free life that you dream of and it’s often caused by low self-worth.

When you don’t really value yourself, when you sneakily distrust your own decisions? That’s like acid eating through your foundations and leaving you feeling all wobbly. Let’s ditch anxiety and let your self-worth bloom a bit. This course will do just that only at a safe distance. Isn’t the internet a wonderful place?

This course is designed to cut straight past your mind-clutter and anxieties
and fears and address the true cause of your mental stresses. 

Yes, it will be uncomfortable.
Yes, you will need to wade through some mental shittiness.
Yes, your new normal will take some getting used to.
But then there’s the flipside.

Feel Worthy – The New Online Program

Is a 6 week program delivered in a judgement-free zone.
(I’ve seen it all – no shame here.)

And it only takes 6 weeks to kick-start a happier future. Best of all, you can do this from your couch. Or your patio. Or your bed. Beanbag? Hammock? Sure. Wherever you feel safe and comfy.

Addressing these insecurities once, through this course, means you have skills for life. It means you’re resilient and adaptable and, best of all, can see your own self-worth.

So grab your beverage of choice, book in below, and let’s get started.

I’ve got you.

All online.
Solutions focused.
Straight down the line and hey, even enjoyable.

How to create self-worth in just 6 weeks?

Here’s how we’re going to do it:

Finding Yourself

You can’t figure out what’s holding you back until you get to know yourself

Ditch Anxiety

How anxiety shows up in your life and what to do about it when it does

Create Self-Worth

What self-worth is and how to create your own

Self Love vs Negativity

How to welcome in one and recognise the other

Boundaries Are The New Black

How to put them in place and what to do when they’re challenged

Trust Your Intuition

How to recognise what that feeling in your gut means, and then how to trust it

Feel Your Feelings

They’re not the enemy. How to use them to figure out what you should do next

Weekly Zoom Masterclass

Online deep dive into weekly topic plus anonymous question time.


How to reframe your language and stop being apologetic for things out of your control

Anti-Social Media

Curate your content and revitalise your socials feed so it nourishes your soul

Hang on, think you don’t have anxiety? Let me tell you how it shows up.

In that bad relationship you feel like you keep leaving, but then end up with the same kind of relationship again and again.
Or not being able to form a relationship at all.

In feeling like your boundaries are so wobbly, a weak breeze could topple them and people walk all over them.

In the constant feeling of FOMO, of feeling like people don’t notice or acknowledge you, like you’re…forgettable.

In saying “yes” when really, internally, you are screaming “no”. In doing things you really don’t want to. And not just once, but often.

It feels like hating your job. Hating your boss. Hating the fact you can’t quit, or perhaps you have quit and then find yourself hating your new job.

In feeling like you’re not as capable as people think you are, that consistent feeling you’re an imposter and everyone’s only one mistake away from realising it too.

In always worrying about what other people think of you and making decisions based on this.

Or worse, not being able to make decisions at all. And then second guessing the ones you do make.
So asking 84 of the wrong kind of people to help you make one.

Andphew. Aren’t you exhausted? Isn’t that enough?

What about if you didn’t have anxiety so much as you didn’t have the capacity to trust your gut? And yourself?

The Nitty-Gritty for the Anti-Shitty

Here’s a bit of nitty-gritty, so you know what the process is. For those of you who haven’t had counselling before, the unknown may be a little scary. But fear not. I’ll be here, guiding you all the way.

This program is designed to provide you with real results while also giving you a safe, non-judgmental space to explore and detangle your feelings.

Feel Worthy is delivered over 6 weeks, and each week you’ll get
– 3 video classes
– 1 LIVE Zoom session where you join or even ask anon questions
– 1 Breakthrough worksheet 

It’s just us, together, breaking down your feelings so we can build you up again. But this time with a stronger foundation. And without the intensity of a 1:1 client/counsellor relationship.

And remember, this is all online, so you can access the program from anywhere in Australia and schedule your classes and worksheets to suit your life. Don’t wonder how to create self worth, just follow the steps and we’ll do it together.

You’re a young, conscious, capable woman.

 (That’s what it looks like from the outside, anyway.)

Why would you need help?

Look, life throws all sorts of crud at us. And over time, that can really wear a woman down. Suddenly social interactions are tricky, work is a struggle, and you’ve got The Blahs (definitely a medical term). Maybe you’re dealing with serious real-life stuff that you’re shouldering on your own. Illness, trauma, poverty.

What you don’t need is woo. Sure, yoga and essential oils have their place, but to fix the real stuff you’ve got to really get in there and rearrange your brain (in a good way).

I’ll take you through the steps to identify your core beliefs, your idea of how you want life to be vs. how it is, and how to address those issues that are affecting your self-worth. We’ll get up to our elbows in all the life-limiting stuff and then work to fix it.

So your mind is detangled.

So you feel positive and hopeful for the future.

So you can truly know and trust yourself.

So you can prioritise your wellbeing.

So you can be free.

Breaking Down? Let's build you back up.

6 weeks is nothing in the grand scheme of things. And when it comes to something as life-changing as this? You better believe it’s a worthwhile investment. And let’s be real, this is you investing in yourself. Because you need it, and you deserve it.

Stop struggling and start going through life being decisive and confident and… happy!

And while marketing tells me I’m meant to talk you into all the good stuff before I hit you with the price, the investment in this course is so incredibly cost-effective (especially when you consider what being tangled up in this stuff is actually costing you), I’m going to tell you what it is right now.


Payment plan available
6 week program.
6 live Zoom masterclasses.
3 videos per week.
1 activity per week.

And lifetime access to the program content to create your self-worth.

That’s it. Once. 

Don’t even know where you’d start creating self-worth? Neither did these women: 

Client A hates their job. She hated her last job too but isn’t confident enough to apply for another job she really would love (and, secretly, she thinks she might be great at). After working with me, A decides she is good enough to go for something she really wanted and landed a dream role.


Client B has a string of terrible, soul destroying relationships. She’s in another bad one and can’t seem to leave. After working with me, B leaves the partner mistreating her, finally realises she deserves to be treated better – no matter what relationship she’s dealing with – and, most importantly, learned what happened when she trusted her gut instinct instead of believing that gut feeling was just anxiety.


Clients come to me feeling worried, even fearful about regular things in their day. They’re smart, achieving young women and they still begin their mornings with an overwhelming sense of self-doubt, low self-worth, and tension. Often, someone has suggested they might think about “seeing someone” said with raised eyebrows. Because of my profession, I can’t tell you much about my clients but overwhelmingly they talk about feeling stressed, anxious, and worried (which are all symptoms of not believing you’re worthy!)

If that’s you, and you’re not quite ready to step into a counsellor/client relationship 1:1, this program is perfect.

About me. And why I’m here to change your life.

You know when you’re on a plane, and you’re told in the event of an emergency to first put on your own oxygen mask before helping others? Yep. I’ve got my oxygen mask on. I’ve spent time working on myself so that I can pass that knowledge on to you.

Not only have I done the work for myself, I’ve spent years counselling women and children, working with musicians, and helping the homeless on Sydney streets, so I have seen and heard it all. I’ve built up my own resilient core and helped countless other women similar to you, and now I’ve created this brilliant course to enable you to address your anxieties and create your self-worth.

I’m Amanda Westphal, an experienced and registered counsellor. For years I’ve run a successful clinic in Sydney’s Northern Beaches – Your Wellness Focus is a respected women’s practice. In 2020 I’ve taken counselling online to help more women, women like you, navigate relationships and life transitions, find freedom from anxiety and self-doubt, create self-worth, and uncover their own blend of confidence.

My approach is completely holistic, using tools from many therapeutic approaches aligned with what will best suit you. I’m known for my action-based framework, meaning we’ll work together to create a roadmap you can use to achieve whatever you want to achieve.


Let’s do this

Just $399

Payment plan available.

6 week program.

3 videos per week.

1 activity per week. 

6 live Zoom masterclasses.

And lifetime access to the program content to create your self-worth.

That’s it. Once.


How do I access the content?

Click to sign up, you’ll get an email immediately with a link to a login to our course platform, Teachable. The first weeks video will be released May 10, and you will get an email when it’s ready for you!

Isn’t there already a lot of content online about self-worth and self-care?

Yes, and yet you’re still here. Looking for something. This course is everything I know you need to work on your own self-worth. Without the bullshit. It’s not condescending, it doesn’t expect you’re going to feel better just by writing down something in your gratitude journal every day, and I won’t ever tell you that your overwhelming desire to punch something while you’re trying to still your mind with yoga isn’t justifiable.

This is a $399 internet program. Will it really change my life?

Yes, I’m a registered counsellor with what, some days, feels like a billion years under my belt. If I wasn’t 100% behind this course being a complete life changer, I wouldn’t be delivering it. This course will give you the power and validation you’ve been seeking externally to cut through the rubbish and half-truths you’ve been fed to get to the core of what you want. I know what works and what doesn’t and this course gives you the guidelines and permission for you to find that out too.

How long does the program take?

Every week, you’ll get access to 3 videos and 1 activity to complete (plus some bonuses!). If you’re going to really sink your teeth in, you might few hours weekly on this course. But, if you have a really busy week, as long as you set aside at least 1 hour, you’ll be great. Ideally, it won’t feel like course work, but just a focus on a new way of living. Like a healthy eating plan.

How often is the program?

I only run the course in May and October

What's the Zoom masterclass?

A new addition to the Feel Worthy course, the Zoom masterclass is a LIVE event hosted weekly. You can join live, or watch at a time that suits you. This session is where I deep dive into the weekly topic, plus there’s a question time where I will answer all questions submitted during the week. These can be submitted anonymously so you can make sure you’re getting all the support you need. 

How long will I get access to the program?

You get lifetime access to this program content which means if you feel like you’ve done a great job creating your own self-worth and then next year you get a bit of the wobbles, you can always log back in and re-do the course.

I’ve changed my mind, can I have a refund?

Listen, don’t do that to yourself. Don’t be one of those people that signs up for things only to bail on themselves. Let’s make this year the year you learn how to create self-worth for yourself. Do the work. Implement the advice.

Officially, refunds for change of mind will not be given. However, if something really unforeseeable happens between the day you purchase this course and 14 days afterwards, please put your request for refund in writing to: hello@yourwellnessfocus.com with a valid reason for your request and I will return your email ASAP. Once approved, an electronic refund will be issued (less any payment gateway fees) within 14 working days from the date of approval.

Refund requests after the 14 day period will not be approved under any circumstances and at all times we will abide by the Australian Consumer Law in relation to any guarantees for our Services.

I’d rather work with you 1:1.

Absolutely no problem, book your first session here.

You’ve come this far, so let’s go all the way*.

*Not like that.

You’re here, on this page, because you know deep down that you need to make a change.
You’ve read to the end because you’re waiting for a sign that you shouldn’t tackle it yet.

Sorry. But you should tackle it. Sooner rather than later.