Northern Beaches Counselling for Women.

Detangle your mind. And breath again.

Please take a moment to pour yourself a perfect herbal tea (the label says, chill in a mug, win!) and come and join me on the lovely blue linen couch at Your Wellness Focus. I offer experienced counselling on the Northern Beaches. My office is overlooking Pittwater in Newport, with easy parking, so you can pop in on your way home from work, or duck over on a Saturday morning before brunch with your friends.

Take a breath and book your first session, it’s FREE.

I’m Amanda Westphal,

an experienced and registered counsellor.

I support women like you navigate relationships and life transitions, find freedom from anxiety and self-doubt, and uncover the confidence I know is there (but you might not, yet). I offer local northern beaches counselling so you can weave a session into your regular day, and start feeling better.  

When I walked into my office for the first time with the real estate agent, I knew it was perfect. I immediately felt at ease, and I’ve filled the space so you can feel that too. Your linen lounge has a water view, and it’ll quickly become a place where you feel safe to brain dump everything that’s on your mind, and find some well deserved peace.

   So your mind is detangled.

So you feel positive and hopeful for the future.

So you can truly know and trust yourself.

So you can prioritise your wellbeing.

So you can be free.

First Session 

This 30 minute session is designed to get to know each other and outline a game plan for your best life.  

Counselling Session

In this session we will work on your goals and break through the issues that are holding you back. 

Self Care Package

Six sessions of counselling to support you to change your life. This pre-paid package gives you a 10% discount.


I just wish to say thank you for everything you have been helping me with over the past year. I truly feel you have been the inspiration to assist me to shine.

Female, 26

Amanda is fantastic. She has a beautiful approach to help me cut through what is in my head to find the simple truths that can otherwise be hard to see. Over multiple appointments, she has taken me on a journey to understand myself much more deeply and empowered my self worth.

Female, 24

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