Do you struggle with feeling anxious, overwhelmed or not good enough?
Would you like to live your best life and have healthier, more authentic relationships?
I can help.



 At Your Wellness Focus, we help women navigate relationships and life transitions, to find freedom and confidence in themselves.

We will help you heal past wounds, and break free from negative habits in a positive and gentle environment.  We support you to thrive with in a space with empathy, non-judgement and action focused counselling.

 Amanda’s approach is holistic, using tools from many therapy approaches to best suit you. These include psychodynamic, interpersonal and a dash of gestalt. She is known for her action based framework, ensuring that you create a roadmap to together achieve your goals.

Counselling is a proven therapy to support your happiness, help you make decisions and support you to live your best life. 

Amanda can help you with:

Relationship Concerns


Depression and Sadness

Life Coaching

Anxiety, Fears, and Worry

Creating Healthy Boundaries

Healing Past Trauma

Communication Challenges

Life Transitions

Discovering Your True Self and Purpose

Self Confidence

Family Issues

Anger and Forgiveness

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